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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I had a friend who went on a “popcorn diet”. I don’t think it was the healthiest diet (and thankfully she didn’t stay on it long) but we sure did eat some good popcorn! Her main complaint was that the popcorn was bland. We experimented with a lot of the different ‘flavors’ they had available at the store. The butter was good and the cheese. But we grew bored with that too so we started experimenting with flavors of our own. We had some that were pure disasters (chocolate syrup popcorn, Tabasco sauce popcorn). The problem was we were trying to add liquids to food that likes to soak up liquids. We did however have great success with the dry flavors we added to our popcorn meals. And we discovered that if you add the desired flavor to the oil when you add the un-popped kernels then the flavor gets inside the popcorn! Yummy!

My favorite flavors to add to popcorn:

Parmesan cheese
Taco seasoning
Chili powder
Cayenne pepper (go sparingly with this one!)
Garlic powder
Italian seasoning
Alfredo sauce (the dry package can be found with the gravy mixes)

Use your imagination and don’t be scared to try different combinations! Popcorn is only about $1.00 for a bag of un-popped kernels and you can get about 10 batches out of one bag, so you won’t be wasting much if you do create something that even the dog won’t eat…

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