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Monday, February 22, 2010

I told you guys that I had received the ALL YOU cookbook and how awesome I think it is. Well today I thought I'd tell you about their magazine.

The March issue of ALL YOU magazine reveals ways to buy affordable organic food, reduce monthly bills, and decorate for $30 or less. In time for spring cleaning, the magazine shares strategies for tackling big cleaning jobs, dressing for spring for under $80, and preparing an easy, elegant Easter brunch. ALL YOU magazine is published by Time Inc. and sold on newsstands at Walmart stores nationwide and by subscription.

Highlights include:

HOW TO BUY ORGANIC FOOD FOR LESS (p. 20) – ALL YOU features 10 simple tips for eating better without busting your budget. They include:

• ALL YOU reader
Barrie MacLauchlin from Kentucky writes to her favorite organic companies who send her coupons in return, many of which can be doubled at grocery stores.

• Shop your freezer in winter. Instead of buying overpriced fresh produce off-season, stock up on frozen organics.

• Have boxed items delivered. ALL YOU reader
Sandra Knutson from California suggests using’s Subscribe and Save program, which saves shoppers 15% and offers free delivery.

• Join a local food co-op. For groups of friends interested in banding together to purchase organic foods in bulk, try contacting local wholesalers yourself. Google “organic wholesalers” for a list of suppliers around the country.

HOW TO TACKLE BIG CLEANING JOBS (p. 115) – ‘Tis the season for spring cleaning. Breeze through annual and semiannual chores like a pro with surefire strategies for getting the job done as quickly, simply, and thoroughly as possible. Quick and easy how-tos include:

• Spray pots and pans with oven cleaner to get them gleaming again.

• Wash windows with a squeegee that has a soft rubber blade to cut down on streaks.

• Use paste wax for polishing wood furniture. This natural, botanical substance acts as a wood protectant and won’t degrade the finish.

HOW TO MAKE EGG-CELLENT EASTER CRAFTS (p. 27) – Make this Easter extraordinary with easy homemade crafts. ALL YOU presents fresh ways to decorate eggs, set the table with style, and brighten your mantel or wall.

• Drape Easter egg garland strung on a colorful ribbon to add charm to a wall or mantel.

• Embellish eggs with beads and paper flowers and place in egg cups around the table.

• Illuminate the Easter spread by pairing a boldly patterned cloth with a neutral runner.

HOW TO CUT MONTHLY BILLS (p. 125) – ALL YOU presents 10 smart household gadgets that will help consumers save both money and energy. Lower your cell phone bill, slash heating and cooling costs, and decrease grocery expenses. Here’s how:

• XLink, a console that routes cell phone calls to a home phone so that you can gab all you want without paying for extra minutes.
SAVE: About $33 per month.

• Smart Strip Power Saving surge protector, an energy saving power surge strip that allows you to deactivate some devices and leave others on, which could save up to 22% on appliance consumption and lower your monthly energy bill.
SAVE: From $50 to more than $100 per year.

• FoodSaver vacuums are plastic bags that can vacuum seal food which can be stored to extend freshness up to five times over.
SAVE: Approximately $600 per year.

SEVEN SPRING DRESSES FOR $80 OR LESS (p. 34) – Welcome warm weather with pretty frocks that cost just $80 or less. Plus: Simple tricks to highlight your best features and ways to turn these wardrobe staples from daywear to night chic with a few easy accessories.

DECORATE FOR $30 OR LESS (p. 108) – Give your home a budget makeover with bargain-priced new products sure to jazz up any room. Featured decorative accents that won’t break the bank include:
• Mini LED chandeliers for $20
• Graphic silhouette rugs for $20
• Trendy flower coat hooks for $10
• Elegant serving trays for $20

ALL YOU, published by Time Inc. and sold on newsstands at Walmart stores nationwide and by subscription, includes fashion ideas for every body type, diet and fitness advice that fits a busy lifestyle, practical beauty ideas, economical, easy-to-prepare recipes and much more. ALL YOU is focused on real women and their everyday lives. ALL YOU Reality Checkers, over 23,000 women nationwide, ensure that everything on the pages of the magazine passes the Reality Checked test. Visit, from the team that created ALL YOU magazine, for more trusted, money-saving content plus exclusive high-value coupons, daily discount offers, low-cost recipes and more.

4 of my favorite chefs had this to say....:

Coco said...

I wonder why they call it a cookbook when they have all the other stuff in there. I have never heard of this magazine before. Thanks

♥ Kathy said...

LOL the cookbook is a cookbook but then I learned about the magazine and decided to share that info with y'all :)

Chris said...

Great! I was looking for seven spring dresses for less than $80 (ha ha ha , just kidding. No. Really, just kidding!)

My wife's method of helping us save money is making me go with her on shopping trips (the big staples, every two week part, I love the "let's get what we need for tonight" trips) to make sure I know what we're spending. Ugh!

Mary said...

The magazine sounds like an interesting read with some truly helpful money saving tips. Thanks for letting us know about it. Have a lovely day...Mary

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