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Thursday, February 18, 2010

If you saw this cookbook this morning (and my other blogs for that matter), you know I've been very busy today. I'm really happy with the way all of it turned out. With the pages being a new thing for Blogger, I think a lot less people will leave it. If you were able to get a template that allowed pages before then you were one of the lucky ones. I never could find one. But that's beside the point...

All I have left to do here is copy all the recipes I added to Wordpress while I was gone from Blogger (I'm sorry Blogger...I'll never leave you again...I promise!) which is probably about 20 or so recipes. For the ones of you that were nice enough to follow me from here to there and now back to here again, thank you and I'm sorry...you'll be seeing recipes you've already seen. I just want all my recipes here. I hope you can understand that. 

For those of you that have been visiting here, wondering where I am (I see by my Site Meter report that this page still gets LOTS of visits), I'm sorry too. I will stay here this time. I don't want to go through all that I'm having to do today again (I know, I'm lazy lol).

I've got one more way that I'm going to be a pain in your butt and then I promise everything will be back to normal...

If you changed my URL to follow this cookbook on wordpress, please change it back to blogspot. That is the only part of the URL that changes. 

It goes from http://theeatfoodnotmoneycookbook.wordpress.com to http://theeatfoodnotmoneycookbook.blogspot.com

Please, thank you and I'm sorry. I'm done being a pain now :) On with the recipes!

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