Cooking Light - March 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's time once again for me to tell you about Cooking Light magazine. The March issue just arrived at my house and I am drooling! Here are the highlights:

The 25 Most Common Cooking Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them) (p. 108) – Cooking Light offers tips on how to avoid the 25 most common cooking mistakes, so you can breeze through every culinary adventure without fear. Common mistakes include overcrowding the sauté pan, turning food too often, slicing meat with the grain rather than against it, not tasting as you go, and more.

The Healthy Cook’s 3-Step Pantry Planner (p. 48-49) – This handy pull-out guide offers tips on keeping a well maintained pantry, stocked with healthy must-haves.  Tips include knowing what you have, upgrading your ingredients, and building a collection of essential spices.

Feed 4 for Under $10 (p. 162) – This month’s recipes for delicious, nutritious and budget-friendly eating include: Braised Short Ribs with Egg Noodles; Roast Leg of Lamb with Chile-Garlic Sauce; Bacon and Butternut Pasta; and Chicken Curry.

Less is More with Salt (p. 45) – Like sugar, salt is a common food additive used to enhance flavors. However, while sugar gets the third-degree for its contribution to obesity and poor health, salt seems to get away with, well, murder. Studies show that we consume 1.5 times more sodium than allotted by the Dietary Guidelines. This overconsumption can lead to high blood pressure, and in some cases heart disease.  Cooking Light’s Nutrition Editor Kathy Kitchens Downie explains why slashing sodium is crucial to our general health.

Guilt-Free Pizza in 20 Minutes (p. 102) – Making pizza nutritious is all about proportion and smart topping trade-offs.  Cooking Light offers recipes and tips on making a healthy, nutritious pie, ready in about 20 minutes.  Choose between Chicken Sausage, Sweet Onion, and Fennel Pizza; Pear and Prosciutto Pizza; or Manchego, Chorizo Pizza.

Taste Test: Cheddar Cheese (p. 66) – Whether you’re making a big pot of creamy mac n’ cheese, or just want a satisfying afternoon snack, Cooking Light offers the best blends to satisfy any cheesy craving.

Dinner Tonight (p. 77) – This month’s stopwatch-tested menu from Cooking Light features recipes for Maple and Soy-Glazed Flank Steak; Pasta with Asparagus, Pancetta, and Pine Nuts; Halibut with Caper Salsa Verde, Shiitake and Sweet Pea Risotto; and Farfalle with Lamb Ragu, Ricotta, and Mint.

Start with… a Can of Chickpeas (p. 95) – This versatile legume finds a home in many cuisines, from Spanish tapas to Moroccan tagines, and many dishes in between.  Cooking Light offers four great chickpea combinations to satisfy any craving.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner in Austin (p. 34) – In celebration of Austin ’s famous South by Southwest music festival, Cooking Light highlights the best in tex-mex, Southern cooking, and barbecue.  Find the best grocery stores and restaurants, or bring the taste of Austin home with the best breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Menu (p. 138) – With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, Cooking Light enlisted the help of Margaret Johnson, a second-generation Irish-American and Irish food expert, for the perfect celebratory feast.  Her menu includes Brown Soda Bread; Beef and Guinness Stew; and Irish Coffee.

Don't forget to pick up your copy today plus you can click here to visit them online. Happy Cooking everyone!

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I've always found these articles to be so helpful. Thanks for calling our attention to them. Have a great day.

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