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Monday, March 22, 2010

The other day Chris over at Nibble Me This asked if anyone knew the trick to flipping eggs. I told him what I knew but I'm not sure if I was that helpful....was I Chris?

Anyway, I got to thinking about a show I watched on the Food Network called Good Eats with Alton Brown. I love that show! 

One day he showed us how to cook the perfect over easy egg and I searched and searched for the video of it but couldn't find it. I did however find the recipe with his instructions and thought that I would share that today. I hope this helps you out Chris! And the rest of you egg lovers too :)

Eggs Over Easy

Alton Brown


  • 2 eggs (the fresher the better)
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • Salt and pepper


Heat a small non-stick skillet over low heat and add butter. As soon as the butter stops foaming, crack the eggs into the pan. Lift the handle about an inch so that the eggs pool in the far corner of the pan. Hold for 30 seconds or until the whites start to set, then lower the handle and give the pan a jiggle just to make sure there's no sticking. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper and continue to cook over low heat until the whites become opaque. Jiggle to loosen the eggs, then lift the pan, holding it about a foot above the heat. Now, flip the eggs over by pushing the pan away and snapping upward simultaneously. Once the eggs start their somersault, raise the pan to meet them so that the exposed yolks experience the softest landing possible. The goal of course is to avoid breaking the yolks. If you succeed, count to 10 slowly then flip the eggs again, slide them onto a plate and serve. If the yolks do break, act like you meant them to, fry for another minute and serve. They'll still taste great.

3 of my favorite chefs had this to say....:

Coco said...

Wow. I know I couldn't do that. I would end up cleaning eggs off the stove or floor. I just gently use a spatula and hope for the best. I might add this is not always successful. But it is much better than cleaning up splattered egg. Alton Brown does have a great show. He really teaches you.

Doris Sturm said...

Aha, sure!!! Only I don't want to be splattered with hot butter. I'm not that talented, in fact, I'm rather a Klutz when it comes to hot things (sharp knives, sewing needles, etc) so I will continue using my trusty spatula and if it's not perfect, neither am I.

I am with you on that cooking show. I enjoy him too. I love watching people cook now that I don't do very much of it anymore. I'm by myself and it's easier to just scoop something out of a carton or make a salad. (I'm still waiting for someone to invent small-a-vision.)

Chris said...

I think it's just practice that I need. There are the three basic parts of the flip like he said. I think my problem is not coming up with the rise at the end. I'm thinking my blog post this weekend will be a video of 9 attempts in a row as I practice.

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