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Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's time for April's Featured Chef! I'm so relieved to have one...if you read yesterday's post you'll understand this :)

One of my loyal readers, Laurie from Laurie's Kitchen, emailed me and said that she would love to be featured. Lucky for me and lucky for you because she is really great! Her blog is where good food and family meet. Join me now in getting to know Laurie...

1.How long have you been cooking? 

Since I can remember. I am one of five siblings and the oldest daughter, so I helped cook alot. I really learned how to make desserts first. Daddy would take them to meetings, etc.

2.Where did you learn to cook? Do you have any formal training? 

I learned from my mom and grandmothers. I have absolutely no formal training in cooking. I just try  it and hope for the best. The first thing I remember making was a pineapple upside down cake.

3.Where do you get your recipes? 

Family. I also accumulate alot from friends. Every year I ask the girls teachers,  coaches, etc to send me  their favorite recipes. I am making each girl a cookbook with these recipes. I have recipes from their kindergarten and on up! I hope to give it to them as a graduation gift. I get to try the ones that look interesting! My favorite are the hand written ones.

4.How long have you been writing a cooking blog? 

About 6 months.

5.What is your favorite meal to cook? Least favorite? 

My favorite meal is a good ol pot of pinto beans and cornbread. (With a lemon pie for dessert) Yes, I am a southern gal! My least favorite is spaghetti.  It is always too messy. 
6.Do you endorse any products? Do you receive any compensation for your blog or items on it? 

Nope. I just do it to help others and keep others informed about what's going on in a little ol East Texas town! 

7.Do you cook anywhere besides at home? 

Church, on occasion, and for the ladies at work. They love it when I say I have a new recipe to try!

8.Where else can we find your blog?  

9.We all know that food plays a huge role in peoples lives. Do you have a favorite memory that involved food?

I don't have a particular memory. I just always remember my family sitting around the table visiting after each meal. Even as a teenager, we were expected to be dressed and seated at the breakfast table. Then again for supper. With my own kids we try to eat supper together as much as possible and always  Sunday lunch after church.

10.What are your future plans for your site? 

Just to keep blogging and putting good recipes on the blog to help people decide what's for supper. I am taking a healthier approach so maybe that will pan out in the future. 

Having lived in a small Texas town, I find Laurie to be very familiar to me. She feels like people I know...good people :) Visit her as soon as you get the chance! You won't be disappointed! Oh yes, and Laurie told me a secret that she's going to surprise her family with...let me just say WAY TO GO GIRL!! I hope you're planning on telling the secret on your blog soon so everyone can be excited for you :-D

Click here to visit Laurie's Kitchen and let her know I sent ya! If you'd like your food related blog featured here on the last day of May, just drop me an email by clicking here. I'd love to have you....Happy Cooking everyone ♥ 

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