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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've talked to you before about food safety. I believe most people are pretty smart about how to keep food safe and not make their families ill because they cooked a meal. Believe being the key word there.

Every time I read about a recall in the news however, I wonder if people really don't know how to keep food safe, or if they are just too lazy to follow some simple food safety rules. I'm hoping it's the first one and not just that they are too lazy.

Recently SpaghettiOs and Marie Callender frozen meals have been recalled. You can read about those recalls on my Crazy Life blog if you'd like. You can also get information about food safety from the FDA and the government's food safety page

Most of you know that I cooked in restaurants for over two decades. Food safety has always been a high priority of mine. There are some very simple rules to follow that will ensure you are handling food safely:

1. Wash your hands! Wash them after using the restroom. Wash them after smoking. Wash them after handling raw meat. Wash them often! And wash them correctly with hot water and soap. Sing the Happy Birthday song in your head while washing and you will have washed them for the proper amount of time. Silly but it works. A quick swipe under the water won't do the trick!

2. Do not cross contaminate. Don't use the same cutting board for vegetables that you used to cut the meat on. Don't use the same knife either. If you have no choice but to use the same items, wash them thoroughly between the different foods.

3. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

4. Make sure the foods you are cooking with are still ok. Check expiration dates. Check food consistency. Check for odd smells (although sometimes food that is bad will still smell good). 

5. Check internal temperatures using a thermometer. There is a good chart to use HERE

Food can keep your family together. Don't let it make you sick!!

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