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Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's time for another Featured Chef! It's been a little bit since I did one of these posts so I thought I'd tell you real quick what it's all about. I find a food blogger (or they find me) and I ask them questions that lets you, my readers, learn more about them and what their connections are to food and blogging. 

Today's Featured Chef is Jennifer from Confessions of a Kitchen Witch

1.How long have you been cooking? 

I have been cooking since I was very little, watching my Grandmother (who used to give me my own cookie dough so I can bake along with her) and mother cook.

2.Where did you learn to cook?

I have learned everything from my Mother and Grandmother, but I can't forget Betty Crocker either. Her cookbooks were my bible when I moved out on my own.
Do you have any formal training?

No, I do not have any formal training, just straight from my own kitchen.

3.Where do you get your recipes? 

Family, friends, cookbooks, magazines, the internet; really depends on what I am looking to do.

4.How long have you been writing a cooking blog?

Confessions of a Kitchen Witch I believe is almost 3 years old. At first I was only going to use it as a Pagan Recipe Blog but I allowed it to morph into what it is today.

5.What is your favorite meal to cook? 

Anything Italian 

Least favorite? 

Anything that has way too many steps and too complicated. I love simple, natural recipes as well as Vintage Recipes, right now I am interested in cooking with Edible Flowers.

6.Do you endorse any products? 

No, not really but when I really love something I will plug it only because I love a product and want to share.

Do you receive any compensation for your blog or items on it? 


7.Do you cook anywhere besides at home? 

Sometimes when I am asked by family or friends.

8.Where else can we find your blog? 

Blogspot is the only place to find this blog. I have it on Facebook but I keep my Facebook private, so I have to approve someone first.

9.We all know that food plays a huge role in peoples lives. Do you have a favorite memory that involved food? 

My favorite memory with is cooking with my Grandmother as I mentioned above. It makes me smile everytime I picture sitting right next to her as she cooked, baked and showed me what I know now.

10.What are your future plans for your site? 

To keep writing and sharing with others my love of food, craft and gardening. 

Jennifer is really sweet and her blog is awesome! When you get the chance, please go see her! Click here to visit Confessions of a Kitchen Witch.

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Have a great day everyone and, as always, Happy Cooking! 

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