Cooking Light -- September 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

With kids heading back-to-school, summer’s lazy days are vanishing and most home cooks find themselves in a hurry to get a healthy and delicious dinner on the table. The editors of Cooking Light have stuffed the September issue with 147 recipes and tips that help the time-challenged cook. 

Presto: Tips for the Healthy Cook in a Hurry (p.134) – This quick-cooking special section features 67 tips, 10 quick side dishes, and 11 superfast entrees that every cook-in-a-hurry should know. From shopping to cleanup, Cooking Light offers a carload of their best ideas and recipes for the healthy cook who’s short on time.

Top Ingredients Every Quick Cook Needs (p. 170) – Keep these essential ingredients on hand and in mind. They can be combined in creative ways to yield delicious, quick and healthy weeknight meals. Pantry and refrigerator staples include: Canned Diced Tomatoes, Plain Greek Yogurt, Boil-in-a-Bag Brown Rice, Eggs, Couscous, and more. 

The Amazing Time-Saving Pressure Cooker (p.156) – Once the tool of only military cooks and fearless grandmas, the new, improved pressure cooker is a safe, quick worker of wonders. It’ll save every home cook time in the kitchen while cooking meals to perfection. 

Summer’s Last Hurrah (p. 26) – Enjoy the late-summer bounty with light, fresh dishes that are chock-full of produce. Recipes include Proscuitto, Fresh Fig, and Manchego Sandwiches and Grilled Yellowfin Tuna with Romaine and Tropical Fruit.

Building a Healthy Sandwich (p. 34) – A sandwich has the ability to be as healthy as you want it to be. The keys are watching portion size and making smart choices as you build it, layer by layer.

Navigating a Pizza Menu (p. 36) – Choose with care at your local pizza shop, or it may be your waistline that’s doughy. It’s easy to consume more than a day’s worth of sodium from just two slices, but it’s also possible to eat healthfully and make smart choices at your favorite pizzeria. Opt for thin crust pies or ones topped with vegetables.

Wines and Spicy Foods (p. 78) – Let three simple strategies guide your selections when choosing wines that work with spicy foods. Opt for a sparkling wine because bubbles help refresh, go for something sweet to counter the spice, and avoid wines that are high in alcohol as they fuel the flames. 

The Best/Worst Restaurant Salads – That bowl of greens may not be as good for you as you think. navigates the best and worst restaurant salads and shares their top picks.

You will just LOVE September's issue! Go get you one today! Oh, and if you've been wondering where I've can click here to find out. See you soon and remember, Happy Cooking!

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