Why weren't these plates on Gilligan's Island?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Y'all should know that I love trying new stuff. Especially new stuff for the kitchen. That is, after all, the place that I spend the majority of my time. I need stuff for the kitchen. Lots of it! Right now!

OK, OK, I got a little hyper and greedy there. Sorry. Let me correct that to saying I want stuff for the kitchen. Better?

So imagine my glee (what? Glee is a word. Don't judge me.) when MarxFoods.com offered me the opportunity to test and review their elegant, disposable, eco-friendly, biodegradable Palm Leaf Plates!

I can sense your doubt. Elegant and disposable? Plus eco-friendly and biodegradable? And did I say PALM LEAF plates??

Stop doubting me. These plates are all of that. Gilligan would have traded their radio for some of these plates. Why the Professor didn't invent them I'll never know. They are awesome!!

Wanna see them in action? I guess I can do that...but only because it's for you :)

They are honestly pretty plates...

And thick so they held up to the abuse I tried to impose on them...
Mmmm Shrimp Alfredo, mozzarella sticks & garlic bread...my favorites! Um why didn't we ever see them eat shrimp on Gilligan's Island? They were on the ocean... This is one of the things that makes me say hmm.

Anyway, I really piled the Shrimp Alfredo on the plate and it didn't sag at all like a regular disposable plate would...

Lots of sauce too...delicious!

Needless to say, I was super impressed with these plates! I almost didn't want to throw them away! I will definitely buy some more in the future. And hey, they have forks, knives and spoons made out of palm leaves too! Isn't that cool?

If you want to read about how these amazing plates are made, you can click here and if you are just dying to buy you some and try them out yourself, you can click here.

Thanks to MarxFoods for sending me a pack of 12 plates (6 rectangle and 6 square) and letting me try them out! I really enjoyed them!

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