Let's go to the fair!

Friday, September 24, 2010

One of my favorite things to do is go to the fair. I love all the games and rides and especially the food! There's just something about "fair food" that makes my taste buds explode!

I also love to do my CSN Stores reviews. They have so many wonderful things to choose from that I take days to decide what I'm going to review. This time the choice was easy...cotton candy!

That's right, I got to review a Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection™ Carnival Cotton Candy Maker! It was so much fun and so delicious!

First of all, the machine itself is totally cute! See?

Be sure to let it heat up for about 5 minutes first. Can you see where it's getting hot?

We bought this refill kit that comes with 2 packages of Pink Vanilla flavored sugar and 2 packages of Blue Raspberry flavored sugar...

Plus 24 reusable cones...

But you can use regular granulated sugar in the machine if you don't want to buy the refill kit. For added flavor and color just add a pinch of presweetened flavored drink mix to the sugar.

The regular kit comes with 2 reusable cones and a measuring spoon...


After the cotton candy maker has heated up, turn it off and add one level measuring spoon of sugar to the top. Turn it back on and start the fun!

The sugar spins out into the top and you turn your cone around it to collect...

It was so good! My husband said "make some more!!" :) 

This machine would be great for birthday parties, church carnivals or just for fun and it's not too expensive...only $40.95! The refill kit was only $12.95 so that's totally affordable too!

If you're anything like me you'll love this machine. 


Want one too?

I knew you would! Click here to buy your own Nostalgia Electrics Vintage Collection™ Carnival Cotton Candy Maker. Click here to buy the refill kit. Click here to visit all of CSN Stores 200+ sites.

Not tired of clicking yet? Cool beans :)

Click here to follow CSN Stores on Twitter and click here to become their fan on Facebook. 

I would totally recommend all of the above :)

Have a great day everyone and as always, Happy Cooking!

*Disclaimer: I received a $60 promotional code from CSN Stores in order to do this review*

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