Henry Watson Original Suffolk Terracotta Garlic Cellar {Product Review}

Monday, November 8, 2010

I told you that CSN Stores was allowing me to review four different items this month from their cookware.com site so that you can see some of the awesome products that they have that would make wonderful Christmas presents (or anytime presents if you ask me!). Today I'm going to tell you about the Henry Watson Original Suffolk Terracotta Garlic Cellar.

First, let me show you how I kept my garlic BEFORE I got this garlic cellar...

Do you see it?

Look behind the cotton candy maker...

No? K, let me help you out a little...


Now you can see it. Pretty sad looking isn't it?

My garlic I was pretty happy to see this arrive:

Be sure to look down in the box because the lid is packed separately!

And if you don't mind messes, do what I did and let your granddaughter play with all the "peanuts"

There are about 5 hundred thousand million of those things. Trust me, it was fun for her and fun for my vacuum too!

After you give your new garlic cellar a little dusting off, add your garlic and watch how happy it gets...

It looks too happy....cover it up!

Whew, I thought I was going to have to call the garlic police there for a second!

It really likes it's new home:


So much better!

You can get this really cool garlic cellar for a cook that you love (or for yourself) for only $10.99! Yep, $10.99! That's awesome in itself! I promise you that any cook (and their garlic) would love to have this! If you buy one today, it will be here in plenty of time for Christmas.

And be sure to follow CSN Stores on Twitter & Facebook so that you can see all the great things they have to offer. 

*Disclaimer: I received a $60 (total) promotional code in order to do this review, the previous review and the next two reviews from CSN Stores. If you would like to be a CSN Stores Preferred Blogger and review or give away great CSN Stores products, click here.*

4 of my favorite chefs had this to say....:

Chris said...

I have one of these made by a local artist and it comes in handy. Her company is named Stony Claystation, isn't that a great name?

Joni said...

Awesomeness. I use a lot of garlic and this would come in handy. Now I need to go back and check your other previews.

Coco said...

Oh this would be very handy in my kitchen. I like to keep garlic available at all times.

Phil said...

These Garlic Cellars from the Henry Watson Range are excellent value for money. They alos have a full range of other kitchen accessories. Great Post by the way :-)

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