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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now that I have your attention...


Seriously though, when I've made frosting in the past, I've always had a powdered sugar mess all over my kitchen. This is because I don't have a cover for my mixer so as I add the sugar, it tends to poof out all over the place. I got smart this Thanksgiving though...

I made my frosting in my food processor. You would think that as much cooking as I've done in my life that I would have thought of this before. Nope.

The day before Thanksgiving, my kitchen was a busy, busy place. My mixer was beating egg whites for meringue about the time I was ready to frost my cake. My food processor was drying after having graham cracker crust cleaned out of it and on a whim I decided to throw my frosting ingredients in it. It worked like a dream & took much less time to make then my traditional, in the mixer way.

Food processor buttercream frosting:

Use the cutting blade (the one that fits into the bottom of the food processor). Put ½ cup shortening & ½ cup butter into processor and mix until creamy white in color. You can pulse if you'd like but I just let it run for about 1 minute. Turn the machine off and add in 4 cups of powdered sugar. Put your lid back on and run for about 2 minutes. While the machine is running, add 2 Tbl. milk and 1 tsp. vanilla through chute. When it's all mixed together well, turn the machine off and check the consistency. If you want it thicker, add a little more sugar. If you want it thinner, add a little more milk (1 tsp at a time...it thins quickly!). Ta da! You now have a batch of buttercream frosting that didn't take you 20 minutes to make & you didn't have to babysit it, scraping down the sides of the bowl and holding a plate near the top. Isn't that awesome?!

1 of my favorite chefs had this to say....:

Donnie said...

I bookmarked that recipe and will try it when I get back up north. No food processor here. Have a great day.

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