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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I get told all the time that there is no way I feed us (me, my husband, often times a granddaughter or two and random family members that show up at my house around suppertime) each month so inexpensively. I really do though. I promise!

This month I spent just under $200.00 (that's $50 a week and includes all our meals plus desserts because I get the baking/creating bug often!) which included our Thanksgiving dinner. The only thing I didn't buy was our turkey because 1. buying so many groceries at once I have no freezer room and 2. I like getting it closer to the day. So I'll still have to do that but it's an extra anyway. I definitely don't buy turkey's each month!

What's Thanksgiving dinner? I'm glad you asked :)

Turkey & stuffing
Green bean casserole
Mashed potatoes
Deviled eggs
Corn fritters
Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin Pie
Chocolate cream pie
Lemon meringue pie

Yeah, I'm drooling too. Don't worry :)

So, I bought the fixins for all of the above (except the turkey) plus enough food to feed us for the other 29 days in the month and here are my receipts to prove it:

Totals please...

Pretty cool isn't it? You can do it too. I know you can!

2 of my favorite chefs had this to say....:


Do you use coupons? I find that with coupons either the store doesn't carry the item or it isn't something I buy anyway. Do you have that problem?

Chris said...

I really need to get better at this. You prove it can be done.

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